June 2015

Think Garden

I am an amateur at best when it comes to this gardening thing. I am attempting another garden this year (we took a 2 year break- I was a little busy). Hopefully the weeds do not overtake it! I really do want to be more self-sufficient, and gardening I am finding is a great way to start. I also enjoy the fruits err veggies of  labor and the kids are learning everything right along side of me.

Thankfully I have amazing neighbors and friends who have shared their garden goodies with me so we were not deprived these past couple of years in the absence of our own garden.

I had my sister-in-law and another friend over awhile back where gardening was a topic. I love getting pointers in what works and what doesn’t, what grows well and what needs a bit of shade, it was the perfect morning to plan the garden out. It is 3 weeks now since the kids and I  planted it….

DSCF4464 DSCF4468

The rows are coming up nicely, and I love the irises and day lilies that border the archway in our garden. on the side of the garden is a slightly raised bed which holds the strawberries and along the fence on the opposite end is a row of raspberries. This year I decided to put a whole length of landscaping fabric down in front of the raspberries and down the entire middle of the garden, I then staked the fabric down and added stepping stones. Just one things left to do- add the cedar chips over top of the fabric to better yet keep those weeds down. So far however the fabric has been doing a fine job by itself, it has really deterred the weeds (and minimalized the weeds in areas which were walking paths anyway and would have needed to be weeded regularly).

Gardening for me is more of a necessity rather than a hobby, flowers are more my forte. Here is a little peak around our yard and our flower beds-

a few potted geraniums
a work in progress- adding flat rocks among the perennials.


the view coming down our front steps (the flowers will fill out yet as summer progresses)
the side of the house

I am rather fond of geraniums. They thrive really well in full sun which we have a lot of, our front and sides of the house receive full sun all day, the day lilies and a few of the coniferous types of shrubs also enjoy the sun and have tripled in size since us moving here 5 years ago.

The only shady part throughout the day is the back of the house, it receives the morning sun but is shaded over from our large poplar by 11:00am. Here is a look at one area of perennial’s along the backside of the house-


The hosta’s love the shade and always fill the bed up nicely, on the outer corners are more irises and between those is meadow sage, the flowers are just starting to open up and will last all summer long, unfortunately I did not capture them in this photo, they are a purple/blue flower and very fragrant , they look like this in full bloom-

Meadow sage

And of course I had to bring some of the lovelies indoors, we have this magnificent lilac bush in the back yard and thought I would bring some of those flowers in to sit on my coffee table in the living room (really though I stole the idea from someone I know who had done the same thing, brilliant idea, you know who you are, ha!)


There is something about growing greenery that is relaxing and refreshing. Maybe it is just the fact that we spent the last 7 months indoors and are desperate enough to find anything to do outdoors. A person can not deny the fact that kids sure sleep better after being out in the fresh air all day. I certainly do! I don’t know about your corner you call home but the dragon flies have been out in full swing and have been gobbling up all those pesky mosquitos. The mosquitos are still hanging around somehow, but at least we don’t feel as though we are being eaten alive (my hubs may want to differ, but that’s OK, he can just stand beside me and take one- or many- for the team! 😀 )

Have a great rest of your week! Thanks for checking in,


I came across this most fitting scripture at our last bible study, we happened to be going through the first book of Thessalonians.

and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you,

1 Thessalonians 4:11



Fun with Eric Carle

 I have not come across one person as of yet who is not familiar with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

As a kid I remember the magic I felt as my imagination soared while looking at those bright colorful pictures in Eric Carle’s books and the tales they spun. Our children are now experiencing the same thing. I would like to keep that magic alive!


So, if you are looking for some fun crafts and activities to go with The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, here are a few to get you started- I know my kids are going to love these!

Necklace craft by Buggy and Buddy


The-Very-Hungry-Caterpillar-Sight-Word-Game from Playdough to Plato


Caterpillar to butterfly craft by Mama Smiles


There are many, many more activities out there on the web, in fact I found this fabulous blog that already has an immense amount of Eric Carle’s ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ activities on it and would love to share it with you- The ultimate list of Eric Carle activities by Teaching Mama. Check it out for yourself!

Another book of Eric Carle’s I would like to get my hands on is ‘The very grouchy ladybug’. With summer pretty much here we see these guys frequently!


In fact I have a great activity and learning games complete package in one easy download if your interested from Homeschool Share – grouchy_ladybug_complete package. Included in that package are learning activities, counting games, matching and science fun.


I have a feeling you will be seeing more posts on Eric Carle’s collection over the summer time, as we have yet to read ‘The Tiny Seed’ a great book to go along with our gardening!

Enjoy the sunshine everyone, it is a beautiful day 🙂

(I thought this scripture in 2 Corinthians most fitting to go along with the theme of metamorphosis!)

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

2 Corinthians 5:17

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Our oldest 2 really enjoyed the first month package of the World Explorers kit-

DSCF4273 DSCF4311 DSCF4294 DSCF4289 The kids’ package arrived in the mail with everything tucked neatly into the blue travel suitcase (which surprisingly is very sturdy!). This was definitely the highlight of their school day. First they discovered the letter from pen pals Sam and Sophia, telling a tale of the start of a world travel adventure, secondly they spread out the large world map along with the passport and stickers for their suitcase. DSCF4276 Lastly they had a blast completing the fun activities, which included decoding a secret message to find out what next months country they will be visiting and an animal activity/search figuring out who lives where, they then got their toy animals and placed them on the map to visualize it even further. We completed the first introductory month and look forward to next! In the mean time we will hop on over with our special boarding pass and code to continue the fun online!

Next up we are looking forward to receiving our Early Explorers kit which is for the younger crowd aiming towards 3-5 year olds.

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Have a great week, chow!