November 2015

Jump in

The deeper we love the more vulnerable we become.

I have been created in God’s image. How breathtaking is that? The most awesome thing is that you have been too! I don’t know if it comes with time, a closer walk with God, or what. Really I don’t know, what I do know is how hurt my very soul can be at times. I open myself, my heart and give of myself to others. I become vulnerable and open so others can have a real connection with me and I can share what God has done and is doing in my life. With it comes the chance to be hurt. Which let’s face it is often. I sit here wanting to pour my soul out with you in hopes of searching for someone who ‘gets it’. I am broken. I am hurting and I don’t quite understand why, what I do know is I have opened myself up in hopes that others may glean a bit into my life and if they are going through something similar they would be comforted in knowing they aren’t alone. The problem lies within that. Not a lot of people open themselves up, the risk is just too great. Or so it seems.

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