December 2015

Less is more

A minimalistic approach, ‘less is more’ is a hot topic these days and I have to say they are on to something.

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In our own home I am slowly trying to incorporate this approach. Prior to the Christmas holiday season I was working like a mad-woman to overcome our belongings that had piled up, full well knowing what it looks like to have 5 kids receive gifts from grandparents, aunts and uncles, and of course from the hubs and I. Our kids are truly blessed, and it seems cliché to have this problem.

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Christmas Greetings!

The count down is on, only 3 more days until Christmas eve! I thought I better drop in and say hello. In case you were wondering if we had fallen off the face of the earth somewhere.

To be honest, (as I always try to be open on here, and believe me it’s much more tempting to show ya’ll the picture perfect, pinterest worthy stuff). It has been a challenging few months for myself and found myself in a funk, I am full of joy in the Lord but have been in constant battle mentally and physically which is rather draining. Just one of those seasons that are hard to get through for no outward reason. With all this Christmas cheer and the reason for the season it has been quite (surprisingly) easy to get into the Christmas spirit and refocus. For when we focus not on ourselves and realign our outlook, things have much more meaning and purpose. I am so thankful for that this holiday season and find myself filled to the brim with thankfulness. Christmas will always be there every year no matter where any of us are in life at the moment. There is something very comforting about that.

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