January 2016

Time Wasters

Do you ever wish you could add more minutes, or even hours to your day? Or perhaps you ask this question-

Where did the time go?! 

One thing is for certain, the time has always been the same 60 minutes in an hour; 24 hours in a day; 365 days in a year. Yet why does it feel like the days are getting shorter; or longer.  Depending on what stage of the game you are in right now, depends which category you fall into. For myself it’s the former, my days are ridiculously crazy-busy which makes my days disappear in a nutshell. Or, just maybe, you are in the other stage of life where the clock slowly and loudly tick-tocks in your ear during the day leaving gaps to be filled. No matter where you are -busy or bored- one question is for certain, are we doing the best with our time we are given?

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Hello dear friends. I am excited for some changes around here. Keep posted on all the great revisions I am making to the site. A couple are up and running already and others are soon to follow: New website design, mobile compatibility; homeschooling, homemaking and organizational categories. My hopes are to have all posts in the correct categories under the menu for easy finding and inspiration depending on your needs at the time.










Celebrating the “Other”

Let me share a little secret with you- everyone struggles; some are just better at hiding it.

Have you ever felt inadequate? As though your life doesn’t measure up and you never quite get it right? I know I have, and still do. Every single day commercialism shows us our supposedly shortcomings and if we just aquire this or do that…don’t fall prey- pinterest, blogs and the like only reveal what they want to show you.

As I swipe the counter and shove the mess to the floor so I can take that cute picture at the right angle revealing to the onlookers eye, the children doing their craft oh-so-nice. While my reality looks a little different than that…

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Sensory Bins

Our youngest darling from birth has been fascinated by sensory exploration. Creating a sensory bin for her (and the others) seems a must!

Instead of walking, she learned to climb. Before learning to build with blocks she learned how to open jars of every kind from peanut butter to diaper cream. Our little whirlwind blessing turns a room upside down before you can blink. So, here are a few things I have decided to do to “encourage” her curiosity and imagination while exploring her senses in a contained (safe) area!

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Science Fair Fun

This particular blog today is all about homeschooling/education. I think I am more excited about the upcoming science fair than the kids!

Beginning of March marks the first “fair” we will be a part of as a family of homeschoolers.How amazing it is that I can include our Kinder, Gr. 3 and Gr.4 kids all in one project! The topic? Our Solar System.

All about our Solar System- galaxies, sun, stars, moons and planets. May the force be with us!

Ahem, we may or may not have had the pleasure recently of watching the newest ‘Star Wars- The Force Awakens’ movie 🙂

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