February 2016

Super Supper Monday; Part 2

Here we go! Our second tried and true kid-approved supper recipe-

Pizza Tot Casserole

I have to give the credit to my thoughtful sister-in-law for this supper favorite. I had a chance to try it out via her delivering it to my door, shortly after the twins were born. Bless her soul! She knows exactly how to help a starving new mama, ahem, family out after a c-section resulting in the birth of our beautiful girls. This is one easy and delicious casserole that is great paired with a fresh green salad. And although I have a recipe card for this casserole, I searched the Web to find the exact recipe for easier viewing. I was able to find it over at Taste of Home.

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{Valentine Round Up} …not just for kids but for mom and dad too!

Valentines day doesn’t have to be sappy; on the contrary it signifies what we all strive to be surrounded with- love! Forget the hallmark-cheesy holiday and let it mean something more than getting a box of chocolates or roses.

If there is anything I can say about this holiday it would be to enjoy it for what it is, surrounding yourself with love- God’s love.

Focus on the moments with your spouse, building up and cherishing moments with your kids and lastly showing love to strangers. Need a few ideas? Below are a few things I have come up with to help your valentines day extend into a week filled with showing God’s love and grace.

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Super Supper Monday

Coming up short on dinner ideas? Over the next 7 weeks keep watch for my latest family-approved supper recipes.

Our most recent favorite has been Enchilada Soup by: GimmeSomeOven

This recipe seriously requires under 10 minutes prep time, and is loved by all 5 of my children. Now that’s saying something. In the past decade I have failed and triumphed equally when that clock chimes the dinner hour. Some days my family has been forced to eat grilled cheese and canned tomato soup 3 days in a row, other times we eat wholesome home cooked meals all week. The difference for success or fail? The dreaded word- pre-planning. Ok so that may be two words compounded together with a hyphen, minor details. The fact is, I am awful at forgetting that pesky little list at home whilst walking aimlessly around the grocery store- covering at least every aisle 3 times! Someone please tell me I am not alone in this?!

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Plans are perfect. Life is messy.

It brings me pure joy to have the blessing of educating my children  at home.

James 4:13-17
James 4:13-17

Yes! Even on those days when the doubts come rolling in and I am overwhelmed beyond my comprehension, and just maybe want to put my kids on the curb with a for-sale sign give up. I can rest in the peace I have. On those days I still have the reassurance from God that this is in line with His will, knowing God is calling me (and you!) to raise our children for Him. Having this knowledge, I can claim peace, joy and hope knowing I am making the choice that gives them their best chance. I realize homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and maybe not for you. God has a unique calling for each of us and if we are still enough in His presence, we will hear the Holy Spirit’s direction.

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