March 2016

Bedroom Makeover {Phase 1}

I can’t stop decorating. I enjoy making our house unique to our family and each individual underneath this roof we call home.

Now I am given the opportunity to decorate our oldest daughters room from scratch. She turns 10 in May, and since the flood that happened a couple summers back, she has been bunking upstairs, since the flood affected the entire basement. Her room is the last to be finished. What is it they say, ‘The cobblers children have no shoes?’. While my hubby is out building everyone else their homes or repairing damages from insurance claims, our home patiently waits 🙂 (hey I’m not complaining- those jobs pay!).

So, here is a few pictures of the “before” and where it stands right now…

20160203_154336 20160203_154312 20160203_154118

As you can plainly see- it is gutted. The board, mud, tape is all ready to go. Trim is in storage, and a new (much larger) window is waiting to be cut into the cinderblocks. Also in the first left hand picture is a sump pump, which unfortunately has to stay. My plan with the sump is to build a custom corner shelf/bookcase into the wall completely covering it, with a removable bottom for easy access, similar to this one below-

collage18 collage19

As for Furniture, between the items we already own and the other pieces I would like to order, this is a representation of what it will look like-

collage summer3

The main center picture is her bed/futon (which we have in storage).

A. Gray rug flooring

B. Laptop stand- Ikea (to be used for drawing etc. for our budding artist 🙂 )

C. Black Oval Mirror- Ikea (also in storage)

D. White 5 drawer dresser- Ikea

E. Knobs- HomeSense (for the desk and dresser)

F. Reclaimed wood chair (a project on the go- thanks to a free chair from the in-laws farm!)

G. Desk (similar to the one we have in storage, this one is from Ikea to give a visual)

collage summer


Main and right side pictures from Tonic Living, the fabric is fabulous! I will be sewing the pillows and curtains soon.

Sheepskin rug- Ikea.

Horse Art Canvas  Great Big Canvas. (Although I have not ordered it yet, I am in the works with a photographer to see if we can fit a shoot in of our daughter riding her horse, and either frame it or do a wrapped canvas).

That my friends is a summary of what I am hoping will all come together nicely, for our daughters 10th Birthday 🙂

Have a wonderful day,


Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Philippians 4:8




Super Supper Monday; Part 4 {Apricot Chicken}

Here is another “keeper” in the way recipes go. I am excited to share with you one of my favorites, and of course, the kids love it as well- Apricot Chicken. A sticky sweet and tangy chicken dish served over rice.

I am going to guess you are reading this post for the recipe, so I will spare you a long winded novel of my week and what is all new in our household. Let’s just say that I am aware it is Wednesday and not Monday. Sticking with the theme, I titled it “Super Supper Monday”. I really do not know where Monday (let alone Tuesday) went, so here it is 😉

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Planning To Be Broke?

Hi all! Remember that post awhile back I did on minimalism and decluttering? Well I am back at it and have a few thoughts and ideas if you too, are finding life overwhelming.  

Tired of tripping over a gazillion toys and miscellaneous junk everyday? Look no further as we wade together through this ongoing problem in our society (and our own households) today. If you are interested in taking a peek at my previous post called “Less is More” click on this link –

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Super Supper Monday; Part 3 {Pulled Beef} on a Bun

Howdy! My sincere apologies for the sabbatical on getting these delicious recipes to you and your family. I hope you find this one as tasty and simple as we do, Pulled Beef on a Bun.

beef in crock


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Cheers to your Saturday! Sorry if it has been awhile since I have dropped in to say hello, things were a little rough over here for awhile…

Here in the prairies our influenza season was late in coming this year, and yup- you guessed it! The flu hit us hard. Fortunately for the kids and hubs it was a milder variety.

With our health back on track, we are right back at it and going hard. I have never learned the ability to pace myself. An attribute someday I may master, in the mean time- a whole lot got done this week as I pushed myself.

We were able to get into the thick of things where school work is concerned (more on that later), hauled 4 large garbage bags to our local thrift store, and of course, sanitizing and cleaning. But that wasn’t even the most important thing that got done around here- I was renewed and transformed from the inside out, and given a new perspective…

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