A decade of memories

10 years of marriage and 5 kids later, we are more in love today than we were on our wedding day…

For a decade I have had the privilege to wake up each day to my sweetheart and best friend. It was ten years ago (May 14th, 2005) when we tied the knot. We have went through various trials, overcoming them and being stronger together for it. Sharing in many joyous times, such as when our children entered the world, as well as being excited for one another when an opportunity arose, and always cheering each other on.  We have also shared tough times and weathered storms, all which were learning experiences making us stretch and grow into the individuals and the couple we are right now.

I love the title ‘Mrs.’ There is something special being able to call your significant other Husband/Wife. I may not have known much else ten years back, but I was sure of one thing- I knew I had to marry this man! He was the one God had intended for me. The timing is never ours, it is always in His perfect timing, and perfect was His timing! Just shy of a year later we welcomed a baby girl into our family. What was once just the two of us became a family of three. A year after our firstborn we were blessed with a son, three and a half years after our son, we welcomed another son into the family which followed with a grand surprise twenty-one months later with the birth of our twin girls. Alas five children in ten years, and boy do they fill our world with love.

The one thing we have always made sure to do through all the years, is fill our ‘marriage box’ up. In other words we have always made a conscious effort to put good things into our relationship and build our marriage up, creating memories between the two of us. We give so much to our kids and always will give of our time and resources, how precious they are, but they also need to see how a healthy marriage works. We do this by putting one another first, before ourselves or the kids, which then in turn we are able to work as a team together, unified as one in our parenting. You may be wondering how we do it with five little kids in the house, and I will admit paying babysitters sure is expensive. I suppose its a touch of creativity and compromise, sometimes our dates consist of going for a drive and picking up Starbucks. (Cinnamon Dolce Latte, yum!) to dressing up and going to an exquisite dinner, or simply a leisure walk. The best of all- early bed times for the young’uns 😉 leaving plenty of time for date nights at home when all is quiet in the house. Whatever we choose to do, its always refreshing.

I can take no credit however for our successful and wonderful marriage, the bind between us comes from God. He is our foundation, as we look up at Him we draw closer to each other.

A look back to the ‘Big Day’ –

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And throughout the years…

Year 2007
Year 2008


Year 2009
Year 2010
Year 2011
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Year 2013
Year 2013
Year 2014

 I am very much looking forward to the next ten years (and more Lord willing!)  my heart is overflowing with gratefulness for all the blessings bestowed upon us throughout our years together, I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into our lives and until next time-


Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Ephesians 5:21


My days are filled with my family, raising 5 kids, homeschooling, running a Moms and Tots program in our local community, among many other hats I don on a daily basis! On our corner of the earth we have all 4 seasons, which most of them we enjoy immensely (I will tell you though- we do tire of long winters ha!). I love to share our surviving to thriving moments, the silliness and imperfections that come along with 7 different personalities under one roof. I also would love to share some tried and true resources and learning fun for you and yours to enjoy.

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