Grade One Favorites [A Homeschool Post]

Our little guy is turning six this week, so I thought I would focus this post on his age/grade. Today I am going to share a few of our favorite curriculums that have been a huge hit (and success I might add) with our little wiggler.

Now to say our little guy has a hard time sitting still is a gross understatement. He has to move, period. Even though I don’t have my own full size gym in our house, I try to make sure we are moving from station to station, rather than sitting at one place for all of his lesson plans. We start the day off in the family room with the other kids and begin our bible reading and devotion time (5-1o min). I then go downstairs to our school room/toy room to do his letters on the wall. I have the full alphabet set up on the wall, so we go over the letters, the sounds they make and do it again- backwards. This is also a bonus math lesson. You see, I have a secret weapon- each and every letter he gets correct (whatever we are doing that day such as long or short vowels etc.) he receives a mini M&M. When we are finished his lesson on letters he counts out his mini M&M’s in victory (honestly choc. chips and mini marshmallows from the pantry work in a pinch too, ha!)



If there is one thing that this kiddo needs, it is motivation and a reason why he needs to know this stuff. Logic at its finest. I am grateful rewards work in my favor…

When we are finished with that we move upstairs to the kitchen table, and begin his all-time favorite subject- Math. He is wired for numbers so I rarely need to help and am able to clean up the kitchen as he is working on his lesson. He completes 2-3 pages every day of Math-U-See’s ‘Primer’. He is halfway through so I imagine we will begin ‘Alpha’ mid-winter. You can find Math-U-See curriculum HERE for more information.

mathuseewoodbox s-l225

Ok, I know this is supposed to be “Favorites” but I didn’t say they would all be the little guy’s fav’s! The next subject we move onto is his writing. We use ‘Handwriting Without Tears’ and have been quite happy with it.



Now here comes his favorite part of the day… READING EGGS.

This is done online and covers phonics and reading lessons. We both LOVE it. The more lessons you complete, the more “eggs” you crack and unlock new games and rewards. win-win. Bonus- I can keep track of his progress and stats on the parent/teacher page.

fb-thumb reading_eggs4 screen-shot-2015-06-02-at-8_35_56-pm-wa4dyn

These sum up a few of the favorites we enjoy. I have not mentioned our  weekly science, geography and history lessons we do because there is only so much time I have to sneak away and complete one post. If you are curious about these other subjects shoot me a message or comment.

Thanks for checking in!



Relationship Vs. Academics {In a homeschooling environment}

One thing I love about connecting with other homeschooling parents is the reminder it brings to us on why we are choosing to educate our kids in the first place.

I have to admit, it is easy to lose sight of the end goal. When I am consumed with the day-to-day busyness of making sure I am not “failing” my kids by the public Board of Education standards, I can forget the masterpiece picture at hand.

As the new math lesson is being introduced and we go through it again and again all week- from various angles and the one child is still not grasping it and the others are…

When the child continues to struggle with reading and you have poured out hour upon hour of teaching, and trying again, which then creates a strong dislike for reading by the student…

The seemingly endless poor attitudes and whining at every subject and school assignment…

Constant bickering, fighting and horsing-around that never ceases when we all are living under the same roof and schooling under that same roof…

It is tiring. It is easy to crawl back under the covers in the morning instead of facing the day, or to just give in again because the fight has gone out of you. As homeschooling parents we also face the challenges of the inevitable “burnout” feelings. Then among the midst of these feelings a ray of sunlight creeps in-

Our oldest son graciously drops everything he is doing to teach a younger sibling a new technique…

Our oldest daughter hears of someone in need and immediately leaves to lend a helping hand. For the whole day, foregoing a previously arranged play date and her own workload. Without compliant and on her own accord with a joyful serving attitude.

Our middle son wanting to please and serve starts folding load after load of linen, and then proceeds to teach his younger sisters how to fold so they too can help.

Our youngest two selflessly (and maybe a bit miraculously ha!) share their portions and continue scooping cookie after cookie onto the pan.

Our son shares Christ’s love with another little boy who does not know God. He then reads his favorite bible story to him and gifts this little boy who so looks up to him, his very own bible.


It is times like these as parents we need to remember and dearly hold onto. Those glimpses and beautiful rays of light shining into the dark places sheds light on the picture as a whole. Not the here and now, but the very purpose we are put onto this earth. For this is what we were made for.

John 1:5 ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’

Psalm 138:8 ‘The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.’

God is incapable of lying. He is Holy. Therefore we can be assured of His promises. Nothing we come across in our days can snuff out Gods light.

Lets thank God for those people in our lives he has placed there to lift us up and point us towards Him. Let us also be willing vessels to lift others up.

School work will always be there.

Housework will always be there.

Life’s demands will always be there.

Our children may not always be here, nor will we always be here to teach them. Lets not let a Godly learning moment pass us by…

I pray we never let academics and what’s important to society -that passes away in the end anyway- get in the way of Gods work and purpose.

As fellow believers in Christ we are ultimately reaching for the same goal, we are fallen and reaching for His grace. Let’s extend that grace to ourselves as He has already done for us.

I am cheering for you!


“Your God… will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:14-17

Plans are perfect. Life is messy.

It brings me pure joy to have the blessing of educating my children  at home.

James 4:13-17
James 4:13-17

Yes! Even on those days when the doubts come rolling in and I am overwhelmed beyond my comprehension, and just maybe want to put my kids on the curb with a for-sale sign give up. I can rest in the peace I have. On those days I still have the reassurance from God that this is in line with His will, knowing God is calling me (and you!) to raise our children for Him. Having this knowledge, I can claim peace, joy and hope knowing I am making the choice that gives them their best chance. I realize homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and maybe not for you. God has a unique calling for each of us and if we are still enough in His presence, we will hear the Holy Spirit’s direction.

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Sensory Bins

Our youngest darling from birth has been fascinated by sensory exploration. Creating a sensory bin for her (and the others) seems a must!

Instead of walking, she learned to climb. Before learning to build with blocks she learned how to open jars of every kind from peanut butter to diaper cream. Our little whirlwind blessing turns a room upside down before you can blink. So, here are a few things I have decided to do to “encourage” her curiosity and imagination while exploring her senses in a contained (safe) area!

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Science Fair Fun

This particular blog today is all about homeschooling/education. I think I am more excited about the upcoming science fair than the kids!

Beginning of March marks the first “fair” we will be a part of as a family of homeschoolers.How amazing it is that I can include our Kinder, Gr. 3 and Gr.4 kids all in one project! The topic? Our Solar System.

All about our Solar System- galaxies, sun, stars, moons and planets. May the force be with us!

Ahem, we may or may not have had the pleasure recently of watching the newest ‘Star Wars- The Force Awakens’ movie 🙂

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