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Room Reveal; For the Western Girl

Our daughter takes horse and riding lessons each week. She not only learns how to ride properly but is trained in how to take care of a horse from the hooves up, including de-worming treatments and the like. Everything an upcoming-cowgirl ought to know. Our 2 year plan (Lord-willing!) is to be on our own farm, which our daughter is currently saving for her very own horse. This combined with her love for art, inspired her dream-come-true bedroom. Without further ado-

A back of the door hook made of horse shoes.


The bed and much loved futon-couch, already they have enjoyed hanging out on there. A glimpse of the desk and chair.


Enjoying the table that slides under the couch for drawing in real comfort! (it is actually a laptop table used for a different purpose!)
With the sun shining in so bright (not necessarily a bad thing!) it may be a bit hard to see the desk,
The chair I stripped down and the hubby refinished.

The distressed barn wood corner shelf the hubs made (remember that ugly sump pump in the corner? yeah much better look hey!)


note* in the picture frame is Miss S leading Skye out of the arena.
For the art I went with a glass painting of a mare, similar in features to Skye, the horse that stole her heart at the ranch.


First night spent in the newly refinished room ūüôā

I hope you enjoyed coming alongside me through this endeavor I took on for the Missy, who knows which room in the home will be next?

A big thank you to my husband, father-in-law and 2 little worker-men for all the labor of love and hard work that was put into this project. The Missus adores it and is so very grateful to have a space to call her own after 3 years.



 By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Proverbs 24:3-4



Bedroom Makeover; Phase 2

Hi ya’ll!¬†It feels so good to take a few minutes out of my¬†never-ending schedule, to type out a greeting and update.

The count down is on for the¬†Missy’s big reveal. I can hardly believe it. May 10th marks the big day- leaving us with approximately 256 hours to have it all come together.¬† The hubs is over at his shop creating the corner shelf as we speak and I wanted to give an update- here you go,

Since my first post on her bedroom makeover {Bedroom Makeover {Phase 1} } I shared my ideas on the interior decorating side of things and the room how it was- gutted. The next step was the sheet rock,


Messy, I know. Forgive my lack of photography skills, there is only so much you can do with your smartphone camera. Next was the taping, mudding and sanding, and again, mudding and sanding- you get the idea. After that was done, we were ready for paint.

The paint color we chose is called ‘Kernel’ and looks cheery and uplifting, it is not an overly bright yellow, which adds a lot of warmth to the room-


The window (although it may be hard to tell, as it is not a close up) is 48in wide by 24in in height, the sunlight just pours into the room now. The previous window was something like 18in wide by 12 in in height.

With the rushed deadline we decided to go with laminate flooring from Home Depot called ‘Ash Oak’. It is gorgeous and goes nicely with the warm walls and “western feel” we are¬†striving for- our little cowgirl at heart.


That about sums it up for what I have at the moment, this upcoming week will be filled with painting doors, trims and casing, along with installing the custom shelf.

Cheers to your Saturday- the sun is surely shining!






Bedroom Makeover {Phase 1}

I can’t stop decorating.¬†I enjoy making our house unique to our family and each individual underneath this roof we call home.

Now I am given the opportunity to decorate our oldest daughters room from scratch. She turns 10 in May, and since the flood that happened a couple summers back, she has been bunking upstairs, since the flood affected the entire basement. Her room¬†is the last to be finished. What is it they say, ‘The cobblers children have no shoes?’. While my hubby is out building everyone else their homes or repairing damages from insurance claims, our home patiently waits ūüôā (hey I’m not complaining- those jobs pay!).

So, here is a few pictures of the “before” and where it stands right now…

20160203_154336 20160203_154312 20160203_154118

As you can plainly see- it is gutted. The board, mud, tape is all ready to go. Trim is in storage, and a new (much larger) window is waiting to be cut into the cinderblocks. Also in the first left hand picture is a sump pump, which unfortunately has to stay. My plan with the sump is to build a custom corner shelf/bookcase into the wall completely covering it, with a removable bottom for easy access, similar to this one below-

collage18 collage19

As for Furniture, between the items we already own and the other pieces I would like to order, this is a representation of what it will look like-

collage summer3

The main center picture is her bed/futon (which we have in storage).

A. Gray rug flooring

B. Laptop stand- Ikea (to be used for drawing etc. for our budding artist ūüôā )

C. Black Oval Mirror- Ikea (also in storage)

D. White 5 drawer dresser- Ikea

E. Knobs- HomeSense (for the desk and dresser)

F. Reclaimed wood chair (a project on the go- thanks to a free chair from the in-laws farm!)

G. Desk (similar to the one we have in storage, this one is from Ikea to give a visual)

collage summer


Main and right side pictures from Tonic Living, the fabric is fabulous! I will be sewing the pillows and curtains soon.

Sheepskin rug- Ikea.

Horse Art Canvas  Great Big Canvas. (Although I have not ordered it yet, I am in the works with a photographer to see if we can fit a shoot in of our daughter riding her horse, and either frame it or do a wrapped canvas).

That my friends is a summary of what I am hoping will all come together nicely, for our daughters 10th Birthday ūüôā

Have a wonderful day,


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Philippians 4:8