Picture Story

Hey Y’all, apparently I just plain ‘ole suck at keeping up with the blog when life gets busy, unfortunately I don’t have a devotion to share today but I will give you a glimpse of our past few months in pictures …

S turns 11! Favorite Gift — a new horse for her dolls.

The twins are officially Preschool Graduates! (on to kindergarten…)


Beach Day! Enjoying the little creek ūüôā

Youth Relay Race and Kid fest …. brought home 2nd place ( C — Archer and S — backpacker )

C turns 10!!! Wiener roast with the extended fam jam and sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, why not?!

Sisterly love — melts my heart.

Sweet ice cream treats with daddy

Here on the prairies in Canada we have (maybe) 3 months of gorgeous weather, my time has been spent outside in the garden and flower beds whilst adding a touch of pink to my nose and freckles scattered upon my face, loving every minute of it.

Nothing like enjoying coffee on the patio early in the morning watching the sunrise.

Cheers to your summer holidays, lazy weekends and sun kissed skin! {Vitamin D}

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12


The heart of a Mother [updated]

Whether you are a mom, an aunt, a god mother you have little cherubs in your life…

Being part of a child’s life is¬†one of the most rewarding and hardest blessings. Whether that is longing to conceive your very own child, adopting or having several children, they are in our hearts. The ones we long to hold, the ones we can hold, the ones we dream of. We do not need to biologically have children of our own to celebrate mother’s day. I believe it is celebrating the little ones we have the opportunity loving that are currently in our lives. Whether that be a great-aunt spending time with her great-nieces/nephews, or moms celebrating their first mothers day with their newborns, to those who long to hold and have one to call their own.

As you well all know, we have 5 children. These cherubs bring me so much love and joy, my heart is constantly overflowing. I have heard many say to new moms that there will come a day when you want to pull your hair out.¬†However,¬†at the end of the day they smile at you and giggle- melting your heart right along with their laughter, dissolving all frustrations.¬†The guilt starts to creep in, stealing the joy¬†of the moment as you remember all the imperfections on your part throughout the day.¬†Fear not fellow moms (and dads) the only one who is suffering is you (unless you have never felt this way, in that case please let me in on your secret!).¬†Kids are very resilient and you are still the best and favorite person in their world. What I have learned over the years- the sooner I¬†cross out the big ‘G’ (guilty-verdict) and move on, the kids move¬†on also. I am not doing my kids any favors by giving into things I may not have, due to being guilt-ridden for my impatience and mistakes. I apologize to my kids, letting them know I am human too- then I move forward. As our heavenly Father does with us once we repent.

Fellow moms I do not have to tell you the sacrifices we make daily, or the mundane chores we wade through each and every day also. You are living it! I don’t intend to write a whole post on the sacrifices we make, then in essence¬†building ourselves up until we feel like a queen. Rather I feel the need to bring the whole hallmark holiday down a notch. As a new mom I was very excited about this holiday. Finally I was a mother and would be celebrated! I had high expectations¬†for my husband to shower me with flowers simply because I was a ‘new mother’, and he must celebrate with me because the babies were too small to know what mother’s day was. How wrong I was! I look back and see how the frills and media and hallmark-ness was skewing my judgement and views making me feel¬†entitled. I don’t know if any of you have fallen into this, but I am ashamed to admit I have. Thankfully I recognized what was going on and was able to un-cloud my mind and steer my views and thoughts in the right direction. Recognizing the blessing of motherhood for what it is. I don’t need flowers or cards to tell me I am the most loved and favorite person in the eyes of 5¬†precious little¬†ones. The joy and the gift of what motherhood is can never be bought with money.¬†Remembering my mother, my mother-in-law and every other mother out there trying to raise her kids the best way she knows how, giving all she can give. Keep strong, stay encouraged and get rid of the big ‘G’ that comes¬†sneaking in from time to time, you are so loved!

Mother and daughter with flower


One other thing I felt compelled sharing about is to not forget to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual well being. How important all 3 of those are. Before we can fill up and pour into others as well as¬†being the person we would like to be, we must first make sure our fuel tanks in all 3 areas are filled. I know sometimes it is impossible, most of the time hard, and of course when we do get a chance we feel guilty. I am telling you from experience it is healthy and¬†needed to have a few minutes alone to re-group and decompress in whichever form that may look like in your life… An evening stroll alone? a cup of coffee before the kids get up? A pedicure? A bubble bath? Perhaps a monthly ladies coffee night out to chat and share with others? These few suggestions (and most likely everything you can think of) requires a bit of forethought and planning. However, I will say it again- its worth it!

Think about this-

If you signed yourself up for a marathon you would take certain steps to ready yourself and strengthen your body for the big day, wouldn’t you? If you were taking a class and it was exam time, you would spend time mentally preparing and studying for it, wouldn’t you? When we want to do our best on something we¬†prepare ourselves for it, so why wouldn’t we do this with parenting? Think on this the next time that letter ‘G’ invades your thoughts.

I am so¬†thankful I have¬†mother’s day 365 days of the year. My kids tell me they love me, come up close for cuddles and when they are hurt or scared they want me to comfort them, and with that I¬†am content. Tomorrow is another day, like all the rest- filled with love! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. A day we can reflect on our blessings and celebrate our own mothers who have given up so much for us and would do it all over again if they could.



She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:26-27

Plans are perfect. Life is messy.

It brings me pure joy to have the blessing of educating my children  at home.

James 4:13-17
James 4:13-17

Yes! Even on those days when the doubts come rolling in and I am overwhelmed beyond my comprehension, and just maybe want to¬†put my kids on the curb with a for-sale sign give up. I can rest in the peace I have. On those days I still have the reassurance from God that this is in line with His will, knowing God is calling me (and you!) to raise our children for Him. Having this knowledge, I can claim peace, joy and hope knowing I am making the choice that gives them their best chance. I realize homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and maybe not for you. God has a unique calling for each of us and if we are still enough in His presence, we will hear the Holy Spirit’s direction.

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Sensory Bins

Our youngest darling from birth has been fascinated by sensory exploration. Creating a sensory bin for her (and the others) seems a must!

Instead of walking, she learned to climb. Before learning to build with blocks she learned how to open jars of every kind from peanut butter to diaper cream. Our little whirlwind blessing turns a room upside down before you can blink. So, here are a few things I have decided to do to “encourage” her curiosity and imagination while exploring her senses¬†in a contained (safe) area!

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Science Fair Fun

This particular blog today is all about homeschooling/education. I think I am more excited about the upcoming science fair than the kids!

Beginning of March marks the first “fair” we will be a part of as a family of homeschoolers.How amazing it is that I can include our Kinder, Gr. 3 and Gr.4 kids all in one project! The topic? Our Solar System.

All about our Solar System- galaxies, sun, stars, moons and planets. May the force be with us!

Ahem, we may or may not have had the pleasure recently of watching the newest ‘Star Wars- The Force Awakens’ movie ūüôā

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